Christian McCaffrey, Panthers RB // Personal Identity

Hired as a freelancer for a product development agency I was tasked with designing a logo for merchandising and apparel. The client for the job was NFL up and coming Running Back Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. Since entering the league McCaffrey has graced highlight reels and stat lines with his dynamic style of play, which was requested to be expressed in the style of the logomark also while incorporating elements of his initials, number and nickname in the vein of Tom Brady's and Tiger Woods' logos.

The mark that I call "CMC22" predominately features the numeral 22 in a custom typeface with Christian's initials (CMC) making up the lower portions of the number forms. The CMC is displayed in an abstract fashion, hidden at first glance - prompting the viewer to dig deeper into the design. The logo itself is italicized and sharp to display the athlete's speed and cutting style of play. The numerals also take cues from race car numbers playing off of North Carolina's deep affiliation with NASCAR and it's rich history. The logo is also adorned in the Carolina Panther's team colors alternating between White/Blue, Black/Blue or Monochromatic color schemes.

Ultimately Mr. McCaffrey did not move forward with the project, but it remains one of my favorite designs and experiences to date.

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