Phoebus Virginia // Rebranding

Working through Magnicolor Vinyl Wraps, I was hired by the Executive Director of the town of Phoebus to create some new marketing ideas for the town. The town of Phoebus, located within Hampton Virginia is currently experiencing an influx of new business which are in return bringing a younger demographic into the historic town  the catalyst for the redesign.

For this reason I wanted to move away from the town's current informational approach of their design identity, shifting towards a more marketable symbol to not only represent the area but to also be desirable to purchase on merchandise.

To follow current trends and to also not alienate fans of the historical aspect I went with a more vintage - worn in aesthetic for the mark. I created a stylistic "P" that pulls influence from the area's culture and symbolic meanings of the name Phoebus while mimicking retro, cut felt embroidered baseball logos from the past - characteristically bold, "puffy' illustrations featuring a letter or monogram.

The "P" icon combines elements from the nautical compass, greek mythology and the ocean which all have significant ties and meanings to the town. The primary color scheme of blue and yellow is shared with the local High School's mascot, the Phoebus Phantoms and also ties into the Sun and Water elements from the logo. 

In addition to the primary logo I designed the first edition in a series of new beer glasses for the town's various events. The first was for their October Beer Festival which showcased an illustrated landmark of the town within a shield design that adorned the beer glasses and koozies for everyone in attendance - bolstering sales for the event.

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